Since 1990, NS Construction has been providing full-service construction and design in the Imperial Valley.  We pride ourselves on providing quality work with creative and innovative design. Our experience includes everything from new construction to remodels and renovations. 

We are also the Valley’s leading provider of emergency restoration services. NS Construction has years of experience in fire and flood restoration and are available 24/7 in case of emergency. Our team knows how devastating fire of flood damage can be and are skilled in rebuilding the homes and businesses that mean so much to our customers. 


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As a property manager with almost 600 units in just our Home Owners Association division we have placed a great deal of Trust in NS Construction to respond to flood and fire emergency and restoration work. With over 15 years of our working relationship NS Construction has consistently proven to be very diligent in attending to the sensitive needs of the owners and tenants while they deal with what is considered a very stressful situation. NS Construction takes a leadership role in working with insurance adjusters in making sure the properties have been restored to its original state and in most cases exceeding ownership expectations.
Luke A. Thannikary
Broker - ERA The Real Estate Store
When an unexpected fire disaster caused extensive fire, smoke, and water damage to my office, I didn’t know where to turn for help. My medical practice was essentially shut down and operations could no longer be conducted at that location. Several “disaster specialists” came to the office, but what some were telling me just made no logical sense (like we could be completely up and running within three weeks). Fortunately, for us, the appraiser from my insurance company recommended NS Construction. Without any prior experience in recovering from such a disaster, this was the best recommendation ever! I am extremely grateful for this advice and feel even smarter that I took it!
George Ching, MD
Valley Eye Care Medical Group, Inc.
In April 2012, my family and I had the misfortune of losing a home and had extensive damage to a duplex resulting from a fire that started on a property adjacent to mine. My family and I were shocked and confused not knowing where to begin or what lied ahead after this tragedy. I phoned Mr. Nick Sanchez at 5 a.m. The day of that this occurred and he told me that he would be happy to assist me in handling the remodeling, and reconstruction to both the house and the duplex. The NS construction staff and Mr. Sanchez were prompt and professional in helping cope with this ordeal. Mr. Sanchez assisted me in dealing with adjustors, the city building departments, and all other agencies. In the end, NS Construction constructed a brand new beautiful home, and remodeled the damaged duplex. I highly recommend NS Construction to assist you with any construction or remodeling needs.
Juan & Lupita Rodiguez
Home Owners