NS Construction



George Ching, MD
Valley Eye Care Medical Group, Inc.
Brawley, CA 

When an unexpected fire disaster caused extensive fire, smoke, and water damage to my office, I didn’t know where to turn for help.  My medical practice was essentially shut down and operations could no longer be conducted at that location.  Several “disaster specialists” came to the office, but what some were telling me just made no logical sense (like we could be completely up and running within three weeks).

Fortunately, for us, the appraiser from my insurance company recommended NS Construction.  Without any prior experience in recovering from such a disaster, this was the best recommendation ever!  I am extremely grateful for this advice and feel even smarter that I took it!  Here’s why.

They are knowledgeable—they know their stuff.  Their assessment was realistic regarding duration and scope of restoration, straightforward, and instilled confidence that the job would be done right.  They knew what needed to be done.  The work entailed much more than I ever expected, such as disposal of hazardous waste.  I immediately got the sense that they knew what they were talking about!  They were true professionals.

They were not only very knowledgeable in terms of construction, building codes, etc.  More importantly they were experts in how to interface with my insurance company.  The professionals at NS Construction were able to expertly explain in language the insurance company understood what needed to be done, why it needed to be done, and got it authorized so it could be done.  NS Construction was on my side and went to bat for me in presenting my needs and best interest to the insurance adjuster (even though they are paid by the insurance company!).  What an unexpected and invaluable service.  

The work was performed efficiently in a timely manner without any downtime or delays (which was important to re-occupying my office space and getting my practice up and running again).  They worked closely with me and kept me informed every step of the way with every important decision.  The workmanship was superb—as good as or even better than contractors I would have hired myself.

Obviously I remain extremely pleased that NS Construction was on my team.  We were very happy to resume our practice when all the work was done.  You’ve heard of the commercial “like it never even happened?”  Well, the work by NS Construction made it better than before it happened!

In retrospect utilizing the services of NS Construction was the best decision I could have made.  If you encounter an unfortunate, untimely, unexpected disaster, and need friendly, competent, capable help and guidance returning your life to normal, NS Construction are the professionals to call.  They will exceed your expectations!  I’m glad I did!